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About Us

The AmpuCamp Story...

The idea for AmpuCamp was born out of a conversation that took place during my son's first prosthetic fitting, where we discovered an age barrier that prevents/excludes kids younger than 8 years of age from participating in certain adaptive camps and activities.

During the process of researching existing adaptive opportunities and events for kids and families, along with sharing our personal story/video through individual and corporate channels, it became increasingly evident that many people "just like us" considered the message and mission of AmpuCamp an essential and long-overdue necessity.


What is AmpuCamp?

AmpuCamp is an Atlanta-based organization/support group/events:

To provide vital support, encouragement and resources to anyone personally affected by or caring for someone with limb loss/difference via on-site and online connectivity

The live/on-site events are designed to offer a "just like me" experience in a neutral, non-threatening, and nurturing environment.

For limb loss/difference participants, our goal is to provide a variety of supportive, therapeutic, and fun activities as a way to meet new people, make friends, and learn from others "just like me!" 

For the families and caregivers, our goal is to provide an opportunistic atmosphere to ask questions, voice concerns, share your story, and connect with others "just like me!"

WHY is AmpuCamp important?

Studies show that positive adaptation is enhanced with access to information and knowledge regarding options in personal care and resources such as peer counseling.  And, amputees involved in independent activities, including therapeutic and recreational programs, are more successfully rehabilitated and resume active, healthy and productive lives sooner than those without the benefit of such support and information.

It's equally important to recognize how far the impact of limb loss/difference can reach beyond the individual personally affected.  Whether it's congenital, an illness, or an accident, limb loss/difference forever changes the lives of everyone involved, where routine tasks often become multi-person, multi-step, multi-emotional events.

The primary objective of AmpuCamp is to create irresistible environments and events filled with passion, purpose and possibility to help reduce potential barriers between people, regain self-esteem, and resume proactive and productive roles in the community.

We can accomplish this through two primary environments:

  1. On-site (LIVE) events:  Our goal is host four (4) distinctly different events throughout the year (1 per quarter).  The purpose of these on-site events is to provide immediate and ongoing opportunities for limb loss/difference participants and peers, families and caregivers, various activity, product, and service providers, and other professionals to connect for support, encouragement, and resources in a neutral, non-threatening and nurturing environment
  2. Website: (ongoing development)  The ultimate objective of the AmpuCamp website is to become a perpetual extension of the live events as a centralized education, information, and socialization portal for limb loss/difference members, relevant and reliable product/service providers and other industry professionals to interface, share expertise and personal experiences, keep abreast of new technologies, and find/offer solutions to common challenges associated with limb loss/difference
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